iPhone Technical Sharing at USM, Penang Malaysia

Although it is only a half day event, it is a pretty interesting to see so many people willing to spend their working day afternoon to sit in this session to attend this sharing. I am deeply honored. It goes without saying, I was super nervous. First I have no idea what I am up against, I have no idea what to expect from the audience since it is a open to public session.


Second, the stress level shot way up when I arrived at the venue, and what appear in front of  me is a huge, grand, court house like auditorium.

Road Sign to the Event

The Road Sign pointing to the event

Auditorium at USM

The auditorium in which I am presenting

People attending the technical sharing

In the middle of the Technical Sharing

In the very beginning of the session, it didn’t go smoothly. Murphy’s law again triumphs over my preparation. Quote “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. My updates to a newer version of Keynote has proven to be in inoperable in dual screen mode. Luckily the audiences were all patient and waited without throwing stuff at me. Sorry about it.

It was unfortunate that we couldn’t get a hold of an Apple Lab as I believe hands on is extremely vital for such presentation, as it helps the concepts presented through the session to sink in.

After the session, I am glad to receive numerous questions about the topic. I again apologize for not being able to answer all the question, but if you do have further question which is left unanswered please feel free to drop me a message and we can investigate them together.

Excluding meeting all the amazing people from Maxis, USM, Intel, Agilent and a couple of ex-colleague I didn’t leave the event empty handed as well. I got a small token from USM and BJIM

Token of appreciation

Updates: I am currently trying to arrange with Switch for another session with practical lab this round, so those that are interested please stay tuned or drop me a line.

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