“Terry” the Bot & Event Display @ Penang International Science Fair

Over at Minoyo, we had an fruitful, exciting & interesting weekend helping out at the Penang International Science Fair (PISF). More information about the event could be found through their official site: http://www.pscpen.com/pisf/

First of all, we are truly honored and humbled to have our Version 1 Bot to kick-start (launch) the whole event on the very first day. It all started when we were approached by Penang Science Cluster and B.Braun Medical Industries some time ago to create a messenger bot for the entire event. Things got truly interesting as we brain-stormed and discussed about new interaction models to implant into the Bot.

With the stern commanding voice of our Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, “Terry, launch the event!”, Terry, the event mascot made its appearance for the very first time. Equipped with artificial intelligence, Terry will now be able to converse and assist event visitors with some common questions.

For those of you who have been a fan of Iron-man or Batman will not be a stranger to either JARVIS or Alfred. This is the first time Terry acted as a butler at an event, we tabulated the queries after the event and as shown below are some of the popular commands/requests used by the visitors throughout the event duration.

In order to facilitate the smooth execution of 42 workshops, we have also custom built an event controller app and public display app to help all the wonderful assistants to manage the workshop flow. Besides giving 60,000 visitors a clear glance on what is going on at the event, and where to get to the activities which pique their interest, it allows workshop coordinators to manage the queue at ease.

As the event progressed, Terry started to interact more with the visitors through the public display. Visitors can publish their photos live at the event public display board, and commanding Terry to Wink.

Looking forward to Terry v 2.0 next year.

Till then, ciao.


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