What is Minoyo?

Minoyo was founded in 2010 by Percy with a sole purpose of reinventing how people think of everyday life, over time he has witnessed lots of innovative ideas and possibilities  buried due to the lack of communication between the Geeks/innovators and the general public. Imagine if this social barrier was broken down, unimaginable wonders would easily be accomplished. We @ Minoyo wants to be the catalyst to propel the realization of conceptual Dreams and Idea into Reality.

Who are we?

We here at Minoyo, like to consider ourselves as “Engineer”, equipped with combination of expertise in various fields of knowledge, coupled with professionalism in design, build and to achieve the desired product. At Minoyo, we promote radical thinking intensively as it is the very key to bring out a product that is fresh and innovative to challenge the world’s beliefs.

There is a limit to how much one can accomplish alone. So feel free to drop us a line, contact information could be found in the Contacts page.

Areas of interest

  • Embedded System
  • Automation
  • Mobile solutions
  • Robotics

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