Should you buy a new MacBook Pro?

macbook-proJust a disclaimer before you proceed in reading the rest of the articles, I am in no way related to Apple corp. and all I am trying to do here is to give an honest opinion of whether you should buy the new Mac Book pro, these are all based on my own personal humble opinion, nothing more and nothing less.

With the recently refreshed line of Macbook pro, one cannot help but drool over the new specs of the Macbook Pro, and I have manage to convince quite a few of my close friends to look in the direction of the Macbooks.

My personal experience with Macs has been a pleasant one, despite everyone bashing over the term “it just works” slogan that apple has putted up over the years. But if you ask me, I would stand by Apple and claims that Apple has indeed live up to its promise. With a bit of willingness to do googgling, I manage to get most of my existing hardware to work happily with my Macbook (which is almost 2.5 years of age). As for the Software department, there is existing software to match the windows counterpart, and most of the well established software company actually provide a Macintosh binary of the software. Worst come to worst, if you really have a specialized software that can only be found for the windows OS for instance. You can always installed Windows in a separate partition and dual boot or you can run a visualizer and run your software there instead.

Apple laptop is expensive when you compare apple to apple to other laptops

I am not going to deny the fact that a similarly configured Windows and even a Linux laptop is cheaper than a Apple laptop. Especially now that Apple is using the Intel platform, it is even more apparent that Apple is definitely over charging its customer for their laptops.

But I would like to explain to you why it is worth every penny that you spend and why you couldn’t compare it this way.

1) You buy Apple for its design and its quality, try and compare the build quality of a laptop with a similar specs but with a lower price tag. Plastic case vs Aluminum case machined from a single block. Need I say more?

2) You are buying for both the hardware and mainly the software. Trust me when I say OSX is really well written, and it is no small task to come out with a polished and stable operating system.

3) You are buying for the assurance that your machine will be compatible with software as well as the operating system. Unlike Windows machine where the manufacturer has a freedom to picks its own hardware. Apple laptop sticks with only a couple of different variation, in this well control environment you will know that the software you buy will work on your laptop, and more often of not, the software will be tailored for your laptop. More importantly, Apple always stick with the policy and guarantee a smooth upgrade to two major release of its operating system from it’s factory installation.
A similar analogy is like you are buying a game console, be it PS3 or xbox 360. You know the games meant for the console will be guarantee to work and run smoothly.

Should I upgrade to a Macbook Pro?

It depends on if are still satisfy with your laptop’s performance, I am currently still running on a Core2Duo Macbook, and every software still runs smoothly. No, if you are currently running Intel Core2Duo and still happy with the speed. Yes if you are still using a powerpc based system.

With the new i7 core, there are reports that show a speed boost of 50% which is important to those that want to squeeze every ounce of power from their laptop. The numbers are further enhanced by the addition of the new nvidia graphics chip and the option to upgrade to a maximum of 8 gigs of ram. Yes, if you running CPU or Graphics intensive software such as Game, Multimedia software

If you are a street warrior, commuting and travel a lot then Yes. With a reported battery life of 10 hours for the 13″ and 8 to 9 hours with the 15″ and 17″. It is one of the longest running laptops I have ever heard of.

If you want to future proof your investment longer, I would suggest that you hold off your purchase for a bit longer because the current line of Macbook pro still lacks a couple of upcoming standard protocol and peripheral with USB3 and Blu-ray on the forefront of the missing item list. So No, if you need to use USB3 or watch Blu-ray disc on your laptop. But if you really need a new laptop but worry about the USB3 or the Blu-ray rom missing, worry not you can try out the 17″ Macbook Pro as it is the only one with an expansion slot allowing you to use USB3 with an expansion card.

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